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Computer Training

Computer training at Casa del Sol

Do you want to keep in touch with friends and relatives?

Do you want to send and recieve emails?

Do you want to see those great pictures of the family?

You just can't get a handle on how to get that computer to work :)

No worries

Casa del Sol Activities Club offers a weekly computer training class.

The class meets every Tuesday at 10:00 AM-11:00 AM at the clubhouse.

The class teaches basic computer training from turning on your computer, receiving emails, sending emails, printing pictures, writing letters, building spread sheets, protecting your computer from virus issues, surfing the internet and many more exciting options to make your computer more manageable. Trained computer techs are available along with fellow Casa members to walk you through the most difficult problems.

This is a page setup to access links for computer training.

Click on the links below for online tutorials from how to use a mouse to

advanced computing.

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