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Projects and improvements within the Casa del Sol community

This page contains slide shows. To start slide shows hover your mouse over the image and click on the small arrow on the bottom of the picture

2024 Casa del Sol Continue to make improvements.

On Wednesday May 29 RMJG Enterprise arrived to resurface and restripe the Clubhouse parking lot. Their team worked from  7:30 AM -5:00 PM to make sure things were perfect. Below are pictures of the progress  

2021 Casa del Sol Continue to make improvements.

Casa volunteer's Work together to remove and replace shrubs around the pool wall. Phase one of three phases of shrub replacememt. 

        2018 Casa homeowners continue to make improvements

Casa Homeowners do it again. Casa homeowners ban together to make Casa a better place to live. A group of volunteers met at the pool to seal the new pool deck surface saving the community thousands of dollars. Thanks to all that helped

Patio resurface 2015

Casa del Sol gets yet another face lift.

In May-June of 2018 Fibre-Tech Company performed the much needed upgrades to the Casa pool. The pool coping and deck were replaced with light colored pavers. The work was completed on June 7th in spite of the  very rainy wet May. This work was done using the money collected in the capital improvements fund. No additional assessments were needed to complete this work. Check out the pictures below to see the progress.

On Saturday morning June 9th. June and Jim J, Gail and Jim B, Jack and Shirley S, Bob and Shirline S, Chuck S, Yvan G, John F, Larry C and Dewy B answered the call for a morning work party. All the pool area tables, chairs and lounges were washed and placed back in the pool area. Because of the dust from all the cement cutting all the patio tables and chairs were washed. The patio and all the walks were power washed and the pool coping was hand scrubbed to remove the white haze from grouting. The pool area looks great. The pool reno is complete. Thanks to all that helped.

Casa del Sol gets another face lift in 2016

Income from the Casa jams along with the help of the Activities committee paid for the resurfacing of the shuffleboard courts. In March the Nidy company resurfaced all six of the courts. In May Blanyar's Surface Systems resurfaced the court ends and area between the courts to match the walks and the patio.The job by both companies was outstanding and the courts look great.Thanks to Jim B, Ron M, Larry C, and Jim J for rebuilding the benches.

In 2014 Major improvements were made to the ailing entrance sign. The sign was stripped, all aging and broken parts were replaced. The roof was replaced by a new tile like product and all lettering and electric was replaced. Another project completed with the Casa del Sol capital replacement account.

In 2014 members of Casa del Sol completed a five year long project of replacing the 30 year old fence surrounding the Casa del Sol Park. With the help of Casa members and the financing from the Capital improvement account this much need project was completed without the need of an additional assessments.

Thanks to Bob And Sally for their donation of the new fence and gate at the pool entrance

In an effort to make Casa del Sol a better place to live Casa homeowners vote to expand the clubhouse. 12 feet was added to the west end of the clubhouse. This area added a large room for general storage and a smaller room for administrative and record storage. The work was completed over the 2014 summer season with little impact on homeowners. The addition, other then changing the area of the clubhouse had no impact on the appearance of the structure.

Casa clubhouse pre summer 2014

Casa clubhouse fall 2014

Casa del Sol Improves on perfection

Casa del Sol clubhouse patio and entrances are resurfaced by Blanyar's Surface Systems. In order to keep the annual dues affordable  Casa del Sol HOA has developed a Capital replacement reserve Account. This account addresses aging common areas with little impact on annual dues and eliminates the need for costly assessments. The slides on the left are an example of the improvements made possable by the Capital replacement plan. 

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